Gregg Popovich Says He Won’t Try to Change DeMar DeRozan’s Game

Pop won’t change DeRozan’s game: “DeMar’s already an All-Star. He’s played a certain way. There will be some things we’ll try to add to his game, if he’s willing. I’m not going to jump on him the way I did L.A. I tried to turn L.A. into John Havlicek. I think it confused him.”

Popovich made it clear that he has no intention of changing DeRozan’s game, but only helping him to add to it if he’s willing. When the  San Antonio Spurs head coach tried to alter LaMarcus Aldridge’s game, it backfired. The 33-year-old at one point requested a trade, but the issue was later resolved.

DeRozan was probably lost at first when he was traded because he was so invested in the Toronto Raptors. However, his current situation seems like it couldn’t have worked out any better.


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