How did the G-League Impacted the NBA?

This year according to the data the NBA has provided. 53% of NBA Players after the end of the 2017-2018 season have spent time in the G-League.

An example would be a player named: Trey Burke. He was a former lottery pick that denied a contract to play for OKC. So he can play for the New York Knicks G-League team. Because of his astonding plays during the time he spent with them, he earned a good contract with The New York Knicks.

This past year the Toronto Raptors who came of an historic season had an explosive bench that came from… You know it? From the Raptors G-League team (Raptors 905).

Every NBA team had at least Six one-time G league players playing for their roster.

But of course, there ate things that the G-League needs to grow on. The first thing is salaries. Before the avrage player gets $19,000 – $26,000 a year. But now some G-league players earn up to $385,000 a year. Within 12-18 mounths, most NBA teams will have a team that is inhabited in the G-League.

For now if you are a player trying to get into or go back into the NBA. Go play for the G-League!

Sixth man of the year canidiate and Raptors bench player Fred VanVleet conducting a pick & roll. (Above you)


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